CASH for Gold

(and Silver)

Our team at the Tauranga Gold Exchange have three main goals:

1 To recycle old and unwanted jewelry

2 To buy and sell bullion and coins at the best rates in New Zealand

3 To complete the sales process efficiently and securely and in a way that satisfies each and every customer

Our process is simple. We provide an on the spot cash deal to purchase secondhand metals and the best part? Our team are training in assessing jewelry for it’s metal content and quickly and simply assess your jewelry and provide an accurate quote. Our customers fall into a few categories…people looking for cash for an occasion like a granchild’s birthday, getting rid of excess unworn jewelry or converting a loved ones collection into something more useful.

As far as bullion is concerned. we have agreements with all of the major mints around the world and can supply any type of Gold or Silver product. We move many kilograms of gold and silver every year and have served thousands of customers. All major coins and any size bar are available or we can readily source it with very little effort.

And the best part is….we guarantee all of our sales.